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Cleaning Bronze Grave Markers

Bronze grave markers are dignified, elegant and timeless. Bronze is a very popular choice for grave markers. After a while it tends to develop a patina which is darker. Many people prefer this antique look, yet others do want the original bronze color back.

Whether one chooses to clean the bronze marker in order to remove the surface or have it professionally cleaned is a personal preference. There are many refurbishing and refinishing services available that for a price will help you get the patina off the marker and restore the bronze marker to its original beauty.


However if you prefer to clean it on your own without the additional expenses of having it cleaned by a professional team, here are the steps for you to follow:

  • If the marker is placed horizontally in the ground, make sure to clean off the debris, leaves and any other particles from the top of the marker.
  • Use water on the marker to make it wet and use a soft bristled brush to cover any large and flat areas. You can use an old toothbrush for the areas around and between the letter or on the raised decorations. Rinse off with water a couple of times to remove the accumulated debris.
  • Use a non-ionic soap to mix according to the directions on the package. Use any brush to scrub it with this mix on areas that still have stains or debris on them.
  • Use lots of water to rinse and then dry the marker well. Go over the whole area for a final checkup and if needed, use the brush one more time for a final scrub. Rinse and dry again.

Do not use household cleaners, soaps, bleach or detergents as they can damage the bronze for good. Also bleach and ammonia can kill the grass around the marker. If you've heard of using shaving cream on cleaning the bronze grave markers, ignore that urban myth. It is acidic and it will leave behind a residue that eventually will damage the bronze grave marker permanently. If your bronze marker is mounted on limestone, use caution and be gentle as limestone is porous in nature and it can scratch very easily. Sometimes distilled water is also used instead of regular water, both seems to be ok for the marker.

These tips are much more are included in Kendrick's Headstone Cleaning Guide that you can download right away.

When the markers become damaged, talk with a professional conservator who will undertake repairs and will restore the bronze grave markers to their original beauty.