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Bronze Headstones

Bronze headstones are increasingly becoming popular across all over the world. The memorial industry is focusing more and more on these kinds of markers knowing that they need to fulfill this growing demand. Basically bronze headstones are very popular because bronze is popular in itself. It is a very sturdy material that is perfect for headstones.


For many centuries bronze has been known as a strong material used for weaponry, tools, statues and of course headstones. Bronze grave markers have been used at least since 2000 B.C. They truly can withstand any weather forces as they have shown throughout the centuries and millennium. This makes them just right for this sad occasion.

Bronze headstones enable people to take part in the memorial tradition of the departed ones for centuries. People like to engrave in bronze the names of the deceased, as well as other significant information, such as the birth and death date, as well as some personal epitaphs. This way they are wonderful and timeless memorials to the departed loved ones. Historians and genealogists also depend upon these markers over decades or centuries after a person has died. This is another reason why bronze is so trusted for grave markers, they can be useful decades and centuries after a person is gone.

Additionally bronze headstones help with keeping the cemetery maintenance easy. The nameplates are attached to some heavy granite bases, and the combination of these materials will enable having a memorial that hardly needs any upkeep. They do not rust or tarnish, and the fact that they are attached to the strong granite it means that they will remain in place for many years to come.

Creating bronze grave markers is based on traditions given from generation to generation, it is centuries old. This article explains more about it.

People usually wonder which choice is better for markers, bronze or granite. The truth is, both are great options. Granite needs a bit more maintenance (every 4-5 years it should be given a healthy bath for upkeep), while bronze due to the upraised lettering will last longer, as it is more difficult to wear down over the many years to come. The first century both are equally equipped with surviving, however if you want your markers to be clean, visible and still there after 2 and more centuries, bronze is the way to go. The letters will be visible way after granite has been washed away due to the antagonistic elements of nature.

However no matter which options you go with, a granite or a bronze headstone, you should be safe in knowing that just a little care by the grave carer both have a great chance of standing upright and surviving the next years with pride.