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Bronze Grave Markers

Death and dying is a part of life and buying bronze grave markers for our departed once need not be painful at all. Bronze grave markers are made from a heavy mixture of copper and tin, including also tiny particles of lead and zinc. This mixture makes the allow bronze that is then used in creating the beautiful bronze markers for the last resting place of the departed ones.

Once the mixture is done, a sand mold of the bronze plaque including the lettering will be set up and prepared for pouring. Then bronze ingots are added in a pot or crucible and are melted under extreme heat, at times going up to over 2000 degrees. This melted bronze is then finally poured into the prepared mold.


Once the bronze grave markers are cooled, they are put through the next step in the process, called chasing. This basically removes any imperfections by grinding away lightly the bronze plaque to enable the smooth texture and shape that is desired. Any areas that might not have been transferred in the casting process properly are defined at this point.

The next step involves applying various coats of oxidation in a dark brown paint to the bronze plaque. After the oxidation is dried, the natural bronze coloring is achieved by rubbing with a strong solvent various areas of the marker, which will have as effect removing of the paint and exposing the relief areas of the lettering and design sculpted features. This is akin to the effect of embossing by bringing out particular areas of the marker. Once this is done, a nice color contrast is achieved to the original dark brown background. Once all the details are finished, there is usually a last lacquer coating that is applied to the marker to give a nice final finish.

Once the bronze plaque is ready, it will be secured to a 4" thick base made of granite with brass holders. When the bronze plaque is mounted securely to the granite, the work is done and a strong bronze grave marker is the result of this hard work, which will stand forever as a commemorating tribute to a departed loved one.

Here are three videos that will walk you through the steps we discussed above.In this first video, you can see exactly what the set-up process is to begin making a bronze marker.



Although the marker in the video is simple, you can find bronze grave markers in many beautiful designs that you can choose from. Usually further personalization is possible by adding an emblem or two and a final epitaph. The epitaph is usually a short quote, verse, saying or appropriate sentence that is very relevant to the deceased one. Many bronze grave markers come with beautiful standard designs, which include a dove, an angel, a flower, a heart or a cross.

This next video captures the casting process in the foundry. The bronze is actually poured into the sand and formed.


This final video shows you the clean-up process and how they cut the excess bronze away.

An interesting aspect is that nowadays pets also have bronze grave markers when they pass away. This greatly helps in enduring the loss of that pet.